Amazon Fraud Detector To Identify Potentially Fraudulent Online Activities

Amazon Web Services, Inc. or AWS, an company (AMZN), announced Wednesday the general availability of Amazon Fraud Detector which enables businesses to quickly identify potentially fraudulent online activities like online payment and identity fraud in real time using machine learning.

Web services platform GoDaddy, payments products maker Truevo, and software maker ActiveCampaign are already among the customers and partners using Amazon Fraud Detector.

Amazon Fraud Detector, a fully managed service, automatically identifies potentially fraudulent activity in milliseconds with no machine learning expertise required. It detects potential fraud in real time such as online payment and identity fraud, the creation of fake accounts, loyalty account and promotion code abuse.

AWS uses the same technology used by over the past 20 years to combat fraudulent activity using sophisticated machine learning techniques.

Amazon says businesses just need a few clicks in the Amazon Fraud Detector console to initiate a fraud investigation when the machine learning model predicts potentially fraudulent activity.

While using Amazon Fraud Detector, customers use their historical data of both fraudulent and legitimate transactions to build, train, and deploy machine learning models that provide real-time, low-latency fraud risk predictions.

There is no infrastructure needed to manage with Amazon Fraud Detector, and customers pay only for their actual usage of the service.

The Amazon Fraud Detector is available now in North Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Ireland, Singapore, and Sydney, with availability in additional regions in the coming months.

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