Aramark To Make Essential Personal Protective Equipment To Fight Covid-19

Aramark said that its Uniform Services division will make essential personal protective equipment or PPE for the healthcare and other essential workers involved in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aramark is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based provider of food, facilities management and uniforms. The company’s uniforms manufacturing plants are producing respirator and medical masks, scrubs and isolation gowns, instead of lab coats, work shirts, pants, and coveralls produced in the normal course.

Aramark converted its facilities in just one week to design the products, configure the production lines and train employees on fabricating the new products. The company expects to produce millions of masks, scrubs and isolation gowns once the facilities are fully operational.

Aramark’s first shipment of scrubs and isolation gowns was delivered to clients last week. The company expects the production of respirator and medical masks to begin by mid-July.

The garments and gear will be shipped from Aramark manufacturing plants in Mexico to U.S. clients in the healthcare and other industries where employees rely on these supplies to perform their jobs.

Aramark said that during the COVID-19 crisis, it has partnered with the Debra and Leon Black Family, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, Robin Hood and the American Red Cross to launch the “NYC Heroes Fund”.

The fund has provided more than 300,000 packages of shelf-stable food, household cleaning and personal care products, and over-the-counter medicine to NYC hospital staff combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aramark has also donated more than 110,000 pounds of food to local organizations and serves free and reduced meals to over 215 schools during the pandemic.

In addition, Aramark has opened on-site ‘pop-up’ grocery stores at healthcare facilities, enabling doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to grab necessities, such as bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper, on their way home.

Aramark has also utilized its emergency relief and large scale event expertise to assist in temporary field hospital operations in various cities.

Many other companies too are contributing money or resources to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Luxury fashion house Ralph Lauren has announced it will manufacture face masks as well as medical gowns in the U.S.

Automakers such as General Motors, Ford and Tesla are making ventilators and respiratory care products for coronavirus patients.

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