California Deaths from Outbreak Rise as L.A. Drops from Record

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California reported 94 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak Sunday, marking an increase after Governor Gavin Newsom said the state may not be close to loosening measures imposed to curb the spread.

The state also added 1,370 cases. The daily numbers were derived from subtracting Saturday’s data from Sunday’s provided by the state. Newsom reported 87 new deaths on Saturday, saying the state isn’t “out of the woods” despite some improving signs.

Los Angeles County, the state’s largest, said 24 new deaths were reported Sunday. The county had its highest fatality count on Saturday with 81 deaths. The number of new cases also fell to 334 on Sunday from 642 the previous day. County officials have said numbers on Sundays tend to be lower because fewer tests are done on weekends.

32,491 in U.S.Most new cases today

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California Not Close to Easing Measures; L.A. Deaths Hit Record

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