ConsenSys Health To Launch STOP COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon

ConsenSys Health, a spin-off from U.S.-based blockchain startup ConsenSys, is planning to launch the STOP COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon on April 13 and running until May 11, 2020 on a global basis.

ConsenSys Health was spun-off from ConsenSys as an independent company to focus on using blockchain technology for healthcare and the life sciences in the public and private sectors.

The hackathon will leverage blockchain and other emerging technologies to seek ways to enable researchers, scientists, as well as healthcare and life sciences professionals to fight against the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It will seek technology solutions that will help collect, standardize, verify, utilize and optimize the data so that scientists can understand and stop COVID-19. It will also focus on improving data access and veracity for these researchers, healthcare experts, and life sciences professionals.

This hackathon will bring together the medical and scientific communities and elite developers with the singular goal of developing operational solutions, built on cutting-edge software, to mitigate damage and speed recovery from this pandemic.

The hackathon is co-sponsored by Gitcoin, Hyperledger, ConsenSys, One Million Developers, and OpenMined. It will bring together healthcare and life sciences domain experts with engineers from three open source software communities: Ethereum, Hyperledger, and OpenMined.

It will be hosted on Gitcoin, a platform for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on open source projects through bounties, grants, and hackathons.

ConsenSys Health has called upon hundreds of healthcare and life sciences leaders worldwide to serve as mentors to lend their industry expertise to blockchain and Web3.0 technologists as they come together to develop solutions.

ConsenSys Health said the core effort is to leverage converging innovations like blockchain, tokenization, zero-knowledge cryptography, and federated machine learning to design immediate and long-term solutions that prioritize public health without sacrificing individual privacy and security.

The STOP COVID-19 Hackathon solutions will be evaluated by each phase of the pandemic they address, leveraging the model proposed by McKinsey & Co. – Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform.

Some of the areas in the phases include clinical trials for treatments and vaccines, global screening data, vulnerable and at-risk populations, identity provenance and consent, privacy-preserving location tracking, and supply chain optimization for ventilators and other vital medical supplies.

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