Coronavirus Cases Cross 1 Million Globally

Confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide crossed 1 million Friday.

According to the latest data provided by Johns Hopkins University, a total of 1,040,664 people were tested positive for the killer virus, and 55,191 others died due to the disease.

However, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Prof. Brendan Murphy said at a news conference that the actual number of coronavirus cases across the world could be “five to 10 times” higher than the official tally.

The death toll in Italy, the country where most number of people died of COVID-19, has climbed to 13,915, and infections reached 115,242.

Spain’s coronavirus death toll rose to 10,932 after reporting 932 additional deaths in the past 24 hours.

With 6099 deaths, the United States currently stands third in terms of COVID-19 casualties.

France has reported 5387 new deaths and 245,442 infections.

With 684 latest deaths, UK (3,605 deaths and 38,168 infections) has overtaken China (3322 deaths and 81,589 infections) in death toll Friday.

It is followed by Iran (3294 deaths and 53183 infections).

Netherlands reported an unusual surge in deaths – 148 – Friday, taking the country’s total death toll to 1,487, and total number of infections to 15,723.

Similarly, in the past 24 hours, 132 people have died of coronavirus in Belgium, a country with a population of 11.4 million.

In all, Germany has reported 1138 deaths and 87244 confirmed cases.

The World Bank approved a plan to disburse $160 billion in emergency aid over 15 months to help countries affected by the pandemic.

Singapore shut schools temporarily and closed most workplaces to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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