SAG-AFTRA Foundation Has Distributed Over $1.7 Million In Emergency Relief To Union’s Members; 100 Aid Requests Coming In Daily

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation continues to be deluged with requests for assistance. Its COVID-19 Relief Fund has distributed over $1.7 million in emergency relief to the union’s members nationwide – up from $1 million just a week ago – and has some 100 new applications coming in every day.

Foundation president Courtney B. Vance, in the third of his weekly fireside chats (watch it below), said that fundraising efforts continue at an “encouraging pace,” but he noted that “in order to do the most good, we all have to work together so that those who are the most vulnerable are taken care of first.

“We continue to process applications as quickly as we can; there’s still a couple of thousand applications in the pipeline, with approximately 100 new applications coming in every day,” he told the union’s 160,000 members. “So I humbly ask you, if you can get by for two months, please hold off on applying so that we can prioritize our brothers and sisters who urgently need money for food, medical bills or major financial pressures, and can’t afford to wait. This will allow our team to best serve those who are in crisis now, so as not to bottle-neck the process and everyone can be taken care of when they need it. Now is not the time to be fearful. It is the time to look out for our neighbors, and together we will prosper again as a community.”

Here is Vance’s video:

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