Aston Martin selling new 007 'Goldfinger' DB5s for millions

Replica ‘Goldfinger’ Aston Martin DB5s will have smoke screen and machine guns

Automaker Aston Martin is working with the special effects supervisors from the James Bond film franchise, to develop 25 recreations of the iconic DB5 as seen in the 007 film ‘Goldfinger.’ The coupes will be equipped with functional smoke screen generators, simulated oil slick spreaders, recoiling machine gun barrels that emerge from the front corner lights and feature illuminated flashing tips and a smattering of other gadgets as well.

Aston Martin’s newest car is 55 years old.

(Aston Martin​​​)

The British automaker has completed the first of 25 reproductions of the iconic DB5 first featured in the James Bond film “Goldfinger,” gadgets included.

(Aston Martin )

The continuation cars are powered by a 4.0-liter inline-6-cylinder engine and are equipped with a functional smokescreen system, simulated oil slick sprayer, deployable bulletproof shield, revolving number plates and simulated reciprocating machine guns that deploy from the corner lights, among other features.

(Aston Martin)

The interiors are outfitted just like 007’s car with a radar screen, switch panel for all of its special features and an ejector seat button hidden in the gear lever – but no ejector seat. There is, however, a removable roof panel over the passenger seat for effect.

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The cars are also the most expensive in Aston Martin’s current line at $3.5 million each, and they come with one major caveat: they’re not street legal.

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The only DB5 from the film whose whereabouts is known was sold at auction for $4.6 million in 2010, while a second was stolen from Boca Raton Airport in 1997 and never seen again.

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