Avoid popular DIY laundry hack that makes your water harder and detergent ‘less effective’

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Some cleaners are mixing Epsom salts with essential oils and adding them to the washing as a DIY scent-booster for their clothes. However, this is totally misguided and will make clothes even less clean. Stephanie Booth is a laundry pro whose videos on her account @stephanieboothrealtor provide insight to those looking to get the most out of their washing. She made a stern warning against a laundry hack doing the rounds warning it could make your detergent more effective.

She said: “Have you ever used a DIY in-wash scent booster?

“It’s the one where you combine Epsom salt with essential oils and then add a scoop to your wash.”

She went on to explain why this hack not only doesn’t work but could ruin your wash.

Stephanie said: “I can completely understand how appealing this DIY recipe is, given how in-wash scent beads are full of toxins and hormone disrupters, not to mention the residue it leaves on your fabrics.

“But…adding Epsom salt could be counteracting the effects of your laundry soap or detergent, and that’s because Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.”

Epsom salts, deriving from the area in the south of England, have many benefits.

They can be used to relax muscles and release stress, according to fans.

The salts are high in magnesium, which is thought to help with sleep too.

However, it’s the magnesium in the salts that make this hack ineffective with laundry.

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Stephanie explained magnesium is “a known mineral that contributes to water hardness.”

She went on: “Calcium and magnesium are two minerals commonly found in water.

“A high concentration of either one or both creates hard water.

“These minerals bind up soaps and detergents rendering them less effective at cleaning your fabrics.”

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Stephanie added: “A quick search on the internet shows a ton of bloggers claiming that Epsom salt will soften your water and make your laundry smell fresh and clean.

“You have to be careful what advice you take from the internet!

“A basic chemistry experiment proves that Epsom salt has a negative effect on soaps and detergents.”

Stepanie has demonstrated this in a video. She took two jars with filtered water and added Epsom salt to one.

She then added Castille soap and shook both of the jars up. The far without Epsom talk saw bubbled up. However, the jar with Epsom salt did not allow the soap to bubble up.

Instead, it makes soap scum. So, this washing hack could make your washing dirtier.

However, Stephanie did detail three items you can add to your laundry to make the washing softer and fresher.

Stephanie explained in a video: “The minerals in hard water can make it very difficult for your detergent to do the job you want it to do…clean your fabrics.

“Here’s three effective laundry boosters to give your detergent that extra oomph to get your fabrics fresh and clean.”

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