Child Benefit: How to claim, how much you will get and payment dates

For those responsible for a child under the age of 16, or under 20 if they stay in approved education or training, Child Benefit payments can be a welcome assistance in income. The benefit is paid every four weeks, with no limit to how many children a person can claim for. The government has provided information concerning the two-tier system of Child Benefit for those who believe they are eligible.


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The first tier is for the eldest or only child of any Briton, who is entitled to £21.05 per week.

The second tier of Child Benefit is for any subsequent children, where parents and guardians are entitled to £13.95 per child.

A two-child family could therefore receive over £1,800 in tax-free benefits per year.

These figures are a recent increase of 1.7 percent due to the start of the new tax year and the lifting of the government’s four-year benefit freeze.

It is important to note that only one person can claim Child Benefit for any children.

The government advises any parent who does not expect to be paying National Insurance contributions for the foreseeable future to make the application.

This is because Child Benefit claims can also provide non-working parents with National Insurance credits towards the State Pension, which would be forfeited if an earning parent were to claim.

However, there is also a cut off for eligibility for Child Benefit. 

If a person or their partner earns over £50,000, they may be taxed on the benefit under the system of High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge.

Those who earn above this amount can opt out of Child Benefit to avoid the tax, or continue to receive the amount, paying any tax charges at the end of the year.

However those who earn above £60,000 lose all of their Child Benefit.

This is because progressive tax is paid, which makes income over this amount taxed at 100 percent. 

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Those who choose to opt out should still fill in the Child Benefit form to receive State Pension contributions.

Parents and guardians who believe they are eligible to claim Child Benefit can claim using the CH2 form found on the government website. 

The government has implemented a number of changes and waived restrictions during the coronavirus crisis for those looking to claim Child Benefit. 

Parents of newborns are now able to claim quickly, despite registry offices being closed.

Previously, parents were required to register their child before receiving the benefit, however, rules have been relaxed because of the outbreak.

HMRC have told parents of newborns to add a note to their online application form in order for the claim to be considered. 

Those who have faced job losses and furlough due to the pandemic have also been advised to be vigilant.

If changes in work circumstances mean a drop in salary below £60,000, certain families may be eligible to claim for Child Benefit again.

At the start of the new tax year, the government pledged to spend an extra £5 billion to increase benefit rates.

This means many Britons will see a boost in their benefit amounts which can be put towards the cost of living, childcare, and assistance with any other personal circumstances. 

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