Daughter of Republican Candidate in Michigan Goes Viral for Telling People Not to Vote for Him

Family members don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to politics.

Stephanie Regan, one of the children of conservative candidate Robert Regan, who is running for a seat in the Michigan state House, went viral earlier this week, after imploring all of her followers, who are able to vote in the upcoming August primary, to support a different candidate.

“If you’re in michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone,” she wrote. Since Tuesday, her message has garnered over 182,000 likes, and has over 37,000 retweets.

The following day, Stephanie elaborated on her message, encouraging all Michigan residents to do their research.

“Since so many people are asking it is Robert Regan! Do a quick fb or google search to find info about his campaign. I don’t feel safe rn sharing further information regarding his beliefs, but please look him up and just read for yourself,” she wrote. “I didn’t think anyone past hometown friends would see this but this is more than political beliefs!! ppl see a familiar name & vote. READ. GOOGLE.”

Bill Saxton, a Democrat running against Regan, was among those who shared Stephanie’s message, commending her for “making the difficult choice to speak out against her dad,” noting that “it takes extraordinary courage to make a post like this.”

Although Stephanie chose not to share any information about the issues her father feels strongly about, his campaign website indicates that he is opposed to abortion and supports restoring the state militia as well as making English the official state language.

Her father went on to release an official statement, saying that while he and his daughter "may not always agree," he respected her decision to express herself.

“I am happy that she feels confident enough in our relationship to express her opposing thoughts so publicly. The 1st Amendment is foundational to our republic, which not only requires, but should encourage, all perspectives to be expressed without using guilt, obligation or shame to manipulate people,” he wrote.

“I love all of my four children and only want what is best for them. We may not always agree on ‘what is best’ but, their best, is my goal,” he continued. “My door is open and my phone is always available to them anytime.”

The press statement also noted that Regan is considered the most conservative of the Republican candidates in the race.

In a subsequent interview, the candidate went on to elaborate on his political differences with his daughter, which included opposing viewpoints on systemic racism, which is at the heart of the mass protests against racial injustice that have been taking place around the country since the death of George Floyd last month.

While speaking with The Hill on Thursday, Regan said that “a lot of students when they go off to these liberal university campuses…they just kind of get sucked into this Marxist, communist ideology.”

“Her big thing has to do with the systemic racism that’s going on in the country,” he continued, noting that while his daughter is a "big believer in that" he doesn't "buy into this whole systemic racism thing at all.”

In the interview, which was conducted on Thursday, he also said that he had not spoken with his daughter since she posted the tweets.

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