Don Lemon Urges Media To Just Ignore ‘Lounge Act’ Donald Trump: ‘Leave Him Alone’

CNN’s Don Lemon suggested Thursday that it’s time for the media to ignore “very small, tiny, unhappy” Donald Trump — who he said is now essentially a “lounge act.”

“I just wonder if we overinflate it, if we give too much of a voice to it, because Donald Trump right now is the Wizard of Oz,” Lemon, who often covers the ex-president on his prime time show, told “New Day” anchors Brianna Keilar and John Berman.

“He’s the man behind the curtain and he really doesn’t have any power,” Lemon continued. “His power comes from us, that we keep promoting him and we keep talking about this. Sometimes we should just probably ignore a lot of it.” 

Trump was booted from social media platforms following his incitement of the U.S. Capitol riot and has shut down his failed blog.

“I think you can call people out, you can expose them, but then after that you don’t have to continue to talk about it every single day,” Lemon said.

“Maybe we should let him be and have that majority of a minority,” pondered Lemon, expressing hope that Trump’s supporters who continue to push his election lies — and believe his wild expectation about being reinstated as president over the summer — will soon realize they have to return to reality.

“He’s a very small, tiny, unhappy man who is living in a delusion, acting like a lounge act,” said Lemon, mocking Trump’s random appearances and speeches at weddings at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

It’s “the only outlet that he has to spread his misinformation,” he cracked.

“Let him have it. Leave him alone.”


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