Driver blown away after learning proper way to use sun visor in his car – and it could save you a £5000 fine

DRIVERS have been given a handy hack that should help them out during the summer months.

TikTok star sidneyraz discovered that the humble sun visor is actually a lot more useful than you might think.

Some 2.8 million people follow sidenyraz for his useful tips and tricks that cover everything from food hacks to tips around the home and driving.

Recent videos have helped with tying running shoes properly, removing stickers and opening tin cans with spoons.

He starts this driving-themed video saying "Here's something I didn't know until I was in my thirties.

"Sun visors in cars extend!"

He goes on to pull the car's sun visor down and then out to the side, before sliding it back towards himself.

This gives an even greater range of protection from bright sunlight during the summer but also on those sunny winter days.


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But it's worth pointing out that not all visors will have this capability.

Most car sun visors can be pulled down and to the side to protect the driver's eyes from bright sunlight to the side of the car, but not all can be extended like the one in this video.

Still, it's well worth checking if your car's visors canas it could make driving safer for you in the long run.

This is especially important as you could be fined up to £5000 for careless driving if your vision is impaired by bright sunlight.

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If the sun shines in your eyes and causes you to momentarily take your eyes off the road, a police officer could claim that you were "driving without due care and attention".

According to Rule 237 of the Highway Code, drivers need to slow down or pull over if they are "dazzled by bright sunlight".

So if a motorist chooses not to use a visor, and also disobeys the Highway Code by not pulling over when dazzled by sunlight, the police would be within their rights to charge you with careless driving.

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