Drivers baffled by ‘world’s most dangerous cycle lane’ which runs down the middle of a dual carriageway without barriers | The Sun

DRIVERS have been left baffled by the "world's most dangerous cycle lane" which runs through the middle of a dual carriageway.

A stunned road user was left in disbelief after noticing the bike lane without barriers in Canto do Buriti, Brazil.

The motorist's clip shared on Instagram shows how the narrow, two-way lane passes down the middle of the main road where the central reservation should be.

There are no barriers on either side of the cycle path, meaning a bike trip along the road would involve a terrifying dice with death.

The thin red and yellow path winds down the long road, curves around bends, and stretches out as far as the eye can see.

According to local road officials, the route seen in the footage is frequently used by large HGVs.


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The Instagram page asked its 55,000 followers: "Does anyone know if this bike lane in Piaui state really exists? Because I can't believe it.

"If it does exist, would you dare to ride your bike on it?"

The clip quickly went viral and racked up a mega 23,000 views.

Viewers had fun in the comments section, with one joking: "This tarmac here in Piaui? I doubt it!"

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Another wrote: "If it doesn't hit you on the way there, it will hit you on the way back."

Engineer Kidner Prospero told local media that although this type of bike lane isn't forbidden by national laws, there should be safety barriers to protect cyclists.

"Common sense tells us that this puts the cyclist in danger. Best practice does not recommend making this type of bike lane," he said.

"So ideally, a bike lane should be made on the side of the road, or if it is maintained in the middle, barriers should be installed."

According to local media, the Department of Roads has stated that the carriageway is currently under renovation and that the bike lane will be moved to the side.

It was not clear whether the road is closed off for motorists.

The project, which has a budget of £939,000, will also see repairs to the tarmac across a 2.6mile long stretch.

The Department of Roads said in a statement: "As the section is still under construction, the bike lane's relocation to the side will be the next step.

"The department reaffirms that this intervention is beneficial for urban mobility and contributes significantly to traffic flow, as the entire region is a route for heavy vehicle traffic."

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This comes after Britain's most complicated cycle lane left motorists baffled with its six entrances and a mini set of traffic lights.

And an "optical illusion" cycle lane was blasted by locals after nearly 60 people were injured on it over the course of a year.

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