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ELDEN Ring’s three colosseums are finally open, and you can now enter to fight against other players online.

Up to six players can enter an arena at once and take part in team battles, one-on-one duels, or free-for-all battle royale fights.

In order to join the fray, you first need to find and then enter a colosseum to start the battle.

Here’s how you can find and join colosseums in Elden Ring DLC and join the fight.

Elden Ring DLC: Limgrave Colosseum location

Limgrave’s Colosseum is the easiest one to find and get to, as it is near the start of the game, before you even fight Margit or Godrick.

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To find this one, head north of Warmaster’s Shack, and you can’t miss it.

Elden Ring DLC: Caelid Colosseum location

This colosseum can be found in Northern Caelid, and you’ll recognise its location by just looking at the map.

This is where you can find the giant Warrior Jar. It juts out of the northern part of Caelid on its own peninsula, north of the Minor Erdtree.

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Elden Ring DLC: Leyndell Colosseum location

Leyndell Colosseum towers above pretty much the whole of the region.

It’s in the vicinity of Erdtree Sanctuary, and if you’ve played before, this is where Brother Corhyn and Goldmask were.

Elden Ring DLC: How to enter Colosseum battles from Roundtable Hold 

You can enter any colosseum by walking up to the front door, and pressing “Open” when it prompts you.

You will only be able to enter once you have updated your game to version 1.08.

Once you’ve entered a colosseum, you can battle in them again from Roundtable Hold.

You will find a Marika Effigy here, next to the fireplace, and you can use this effigy to enter any colosseum queue.

Then you will have to choose the number of players and the ruleset you wish to play with.

This is the best way to access them, if you want to enter battles regularly.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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