Estate agent on the kitchen trend making a ‘big comeback’

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For those looking to overhaul their kitchen in 2023, an estate agent has shared an insight into a decades-old kitchen trend which is set to make “a big comeback”. Viv, who works for Vabrato Real Estate based in Silicon Valley, shared a video discussing the trend on her TikTok page @vabratorealestate.

In her “kitchen trend alert for 2023’, Viv explained: “We are seeing wood coming back. I know, I can’t believe it either. We are actually seeing a lot of two-tone cabinetry, upper and lowers, still a little bit of white in the cabinetry trend but I’m seeing a big comeback with wood. Keep an eye out for that in 2023. You heard it here first.”

In a comment, Viv continued: “I’m seeing solid wood sealer style light oak cabinets coming in. Gorgeous.’

In 2022, Architectural Digest predicted the “return of wood” to modern kitchens, with Los Angeles-based designer Peti Lau telling the publication: “My clients are showing a lot more interest in wood cabinets and finishes.”

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She added: “Lots of texture and warmth is important in the kitchen. We are seeing less white and more richness in the overall palette.

“Whether that comes from a deeper, richer colour to the wood, steering away from purely neutral palettes allows for a more personal approach to the kitchen.”

Wood featured heavily in many kitchens during the 1960s, adding a suburban, rustic charm to homes. The colour palette of the 1960s was also considered to be one that was rich in warm hues, including mod orange, along with bolder shades such as lime green. During this time period, coloured cabinets were also combined with wood.

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In her video, Viv shows a kitchen which has not only wooden features but also a burst of colour in the form of a bright orange oven.

However, colourful elements might not be quite as bold as in the 1960s. Speaking to Ideal Home, Natalie Holden, director of Natalie Holden Interiors said: “Many of our clients are keen to introduce bolder and darker shades through their cabinetry, such as teal blue, forest green and anthracite grey.”

The wooden kitchen trend continued on into the 1970s, although colour was replaced with more muted earth tones. It was the 1980s when brighter, whiter and lighter kitchens came into vogue. 

The white elements from this era are still popular today, although with a more modern style twist, and according to Viv, pockets of white are likely to remain popular in this coming year.

Viv’s insight into the impending kitchen style trend has had mixed reviews in the comments section, with some applauding less white and others seeming taken aback by the brighter hues.

A commenter named Leah said: “Gosh, that orange.” Another viewer, posting under the username papamiller added: “Glad to see the white van is over.”

Five kitchen trends to look out for in 2023 according to Architectural Digest

  1. The return of wood
  2. Smarter appliances
  3. Mixing and matching finishes and materials
  4. Aesthetic appliances in fashionable colours
  5. Less plastic

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