Exclusive iPhone 11 deal: 100GB data, £44 a month – FREE accessory pack

THERE are a lot of tempting iPhone 11 deals around, but it’s hard to beat free added extras.

And we’ve got an exclusive offer which includes one: a top iPhone 11 deal with plenty of data, and a free accessory pack.

The offer is from online mobile retailer Fonehouse and includes 100GB data monthly usage.

Provided on the Three network, it also includes unlimited minutes and texts over the two-year contract.

This offer has a decent monthly cost of just £44, and there is nothing to pay upfront.

It gets better though, as with the Sun code SUNMAYIP11 you get a free accessory pack, worth £25.

  • iPhone 11, 100GB data, £44 a month, (£0 upfront) + Free accessories (SUNMAYIP11) – buy here

The add-on offer is exclusively for Sun readers and gets you some useful add-ons to save you spending more.

You’ll get an Xquisite iPhone 11 case and a screen protector for added protection of your new purchase.

You will also get a dual USB car charger – handy if you don’t have a car with a built-in USB port.

Is the iPhone 11 deal alone good value? Yes, it’s the best around at the moment if you want to avoid paying upfront.

With no upfront cost, and at £44 a month, the total amount you will pay over two years is £1,056.

The deal is matched by Affordable Mobiles and Buymobiles.net, but doesn’t come with the our exclusive accessory offer.

Meanwhile Fonehouse itself has a couple of iPhone 11 offers with lower monthly costs.

But they do include an upfront cost, and also don’t work with the free accessory pack add-on.

If you are keen on this deal, remember to add SUNMAYIP11 in the ‘Have a Voucher code?’ box before you checkout.

And if you want to choose your handset colour, you can pick up white, green, yellow, purple or red instead of the standard black.

  • iPhone 11, 100GB data, £44 a month, (£0 upfront) + Free accessories (SUNMAYIP11) – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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