Five interior design trends seeing a huge ‘decline’ in 2023

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Interior design is all down to personal choice, and what you want to bring into your home. However, some may follow certain trends, which change from year to year. Interior design experts at My Bespoke Room have reflected on the trends that are on the decline for 2023, including fast furniture.

Fast furniture

The experts explained: “For many years now, we’ve seen prices fall on trend-led pieces of furniture, which has certainly had many benefits, opening up the world of interiors to everyone, no matter your budget. 

“The downside of this, however, has been that quality is often sacrificed, and it’s led to a throwaway consumer culture in interiors which is bad for the environment and, in the long run – bad for our wallets too.”

According to the experts, this trend will see a huge “decline” this year as pieces will become more of a “considered purchase” with the view to invest in furniture to last.


The pros said: “The antithesis of joyful, warm cosy interiors that celebrate nature – industrial design is seen as cold, with hard edges and man-made materials.”

Whilst this has been extremely popular in recent years, the designers at My Bespoke Room predict a move away from materials such as concrete, chrome and black finishes.

They added: “This isn’t to say you should completely disregard this style. The best interiors are created through contrast and so bringing industrial elements into your design in subtle ways can still work beautifully.

“Such as black metal candlesticks on your curvy marble coffee table, or a cast concrete basin in a beautiful, warm terracotta colour.”


There will always be a place in many people’s homes for velvet decor, such as with sofas, but many are opting to introduce fabrics into their homes which are easier to clean.

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This includes natural fabrics such as linen which can also provide a cosy feeling in the living room. Nardus, designer at My Bespoke Room, noted: “Dare I say it, but velvet is on its way out.”


Grey is often seen as a safe option for many when it comes to interior design, and can be incorporated into the home in several different ways.

However, according to the design experts, grey colour schemes “lack life and energy and are definitely out for 2023″.

If you want to introduce some subtle grey into the homes, soft furnishings such as cushions or ornaments are a great way to do so.

Blue feature wall

The pros continued: “Clearly, you can have too much of a good thing. The trusty navy blue feature wall has become so overused that it’s now lost its magic, it would seem.”

Instead, many are opting for various shades of green, including sage to use for a feature wall or to introduce alongside panelling.

The experts also shared trends on the up for 2023, which included balanced living as well as timeless furniture built to last.

They said: “The Swedish lifestyle concept ‘Lagom’ essentially means ‘not too much, not too little’. For interior design, this translates into the idea of ‘moderation’ – championing clean, fuss-free living with just the right amount of furniture you need and just a few items on display that you need or love.

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“This trend will pick up momentum in 2023 as people look toward a more frugal way of furnishing their homes without spending needlessly. 

“This is also a far more sustainable way of designing our homes, which is increasingly on our minds.”

Timeless furniture built to last refers to the appreciation of older pieces which are full of history, as they can add an interesting dimension to your scheme.

The pros noted: “The cost of living in 2023 will be a real challenge for us all and will greatly impact how we design and live in our homes. 

“Throw-away furniture will be a thing of the past as people look to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.”

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