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A GENIUS hack lets you send messages to your friends when flying -even when your device is in airplane mode.

A woman shared the clever trick that she uses to send messages to her boyfriend when they are sitting separately on a flight.

TikToker Hollie revealed that as long as you and your travel companion both have iPhones you can message each other using the phone's AirDrop function.

Although you won't be able to send actual text, you can write your messages in the Notes app and then AirDrop the file to your friend.

Your mate will then be able to read the message and reply in the same way, all without needing to take your phone off airplane mode.

In a video posted to her @holliemercedes TikTok account, she said: "This is what to do when you're flying with your boyfriend and he's not sitting next to you.

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"I was a bit bored and I shouted across to Scott for him to unlock his phone and I sent him a message via AirDrop.

"I couldn't believe he actually sent me one back, I was like, 'how does he know how to do that?'.

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"We continued having a conversation by AirDropping notes back and forth to each other."

She added: "So, next time you're flying with a friend or partner and you're not sat together, do this! It's really funny."

This clever hack only works if everyone has an iPhone, as AirDrop is an Apple feature and is not compatible with Android phones.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that everyone has AirDrop switched on before the flight, as they won't be able to receive your messages if they have it turned off.

People were very impressed with the "genius" hack with many of them saying they did not realise they could use AirDrop with the phone in airplane mode.

One person said: "I didn’t know AirDrop works on airplane mode! Whaaat?!"

And another commented: "Love this idea".

Another person had already tried the hack and added: "I tried this on the way back from Spain when I wanted to know if he wanted maccies on the way home, but his airdrop wasn't on."

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