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DRIVERS will love motoring along this highway for a very cheerful reason.

The motorway in Hungary 'plays' a traditional folk song to cars – but only if you drive along at the perfect speed.

Friction between carefully placed strips on the road and car tyres plays the melody as you drive through at exactly 80km/h (50mph).

If you go any faster or slower, the melody will be imperfect or distorted – a genius trick to encourage safer driving.

Well-known Hungarian rock band Republic's tune blasts down the motorway to cars keeping within the speed limit.

Opened in 2019, video footage of the road has gone viral several times over.

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Popular Instagram account @thearchbishopofbanterbury shared a video of the road, which it dubbed a "very interesting concept."

The road leads through the famous Tokaj wine region in Hungary and fittingly sings you the Hungarian folk song 'Érik a szőlő,' translated as 'The grapes are getting ripe.'

It is Hungary’s first musical road and was built two years ago.

However, it's not the only road to encourage drivers to drive at the correct speed through song.

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A stretch of Route 66 out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, plays America the Beautiful if you drive at exactly 45mph.

Around 30 similar roads can be found across Japan which play traditional tunes from Japanese culture.

Known as Melody Roads, they offer music from a system of grooves dug in the road and vibrations produced by vehicles driving over them.

Fans of the road have taken to social media to share their delight.

Viewers have been quick to react – and opinions are divided.

"Hungary is waiting for you," one responded, encouraging friends to test out the clever idea.

Mark Humes added: "This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while."

But user @donroze_2 was not so sure. They asked: "What if you don’t like the song?"

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Another quipped: "That's super annoying."

A third added: "What if I wanna hear the fast version?"

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