How to disinfect your home and kill germs in coronavirus lockdown – clean these items

Britons are being urged to stay indoors as much as possible as the coronavirus lockdown has been extended. When staying at home, an expert explained how to disinfect your property and help stop the spread of the virus and what items you should be cleaning.


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Last month, the government issued a lockdown which meant Britons were asked to stay indoors as much as possible.

This is one of the measures taken to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

While staying at home, an expert revealed which household items could potentially hold onto germs and how they should be cleaned.

The coronavirus can linger on different platforms including hard surfaces and material items making keeping a clean house as important as ever.

Lisa Evans, from, revealed how often household items should be cleaned to stop the spread of infection.


She said: “Duvets should be laundered every two to three months, or at least twice a year to stop an infestation of bed mites.”


“Duvet covers and bottom sheets will need cleaning once a week unless something has been spilt on them,” Lisa added.

“It’s crucial to ensure duvets and sheets are regularly cleaned as dust mites can inhabit them, which can cause allergies and health issues if not kept under control.

“If you’ve been ill, washing your sheets more than once a week is important to get rid of any bacteria.

“Always wash your duvet and sheets on a hot wash to kill any bacteria.”


The expert explained: “A well-used blanket should be washed every week or fortnightly to keep it clean and fresh.”


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Lisa said: “Pillows need to be washed in a washing machine every three months to keep them fresh and hygienic.

“Pillowcases need to be washed once a week, and twice a week if you sleep on your stomach. As the pillows are close to your face, they need to be kept clean.”


The expert continued: “A mattress should be cleaned at least once a year, to minimise dirt and grim.

“A mattress protector should be cleaned every two months, if you have pets or allergies it’s recommended that you wash them more often.”

The expert suggested Britons can also help keep their home clean by washing as much as possible.

She added: “As well as sufficient laundry frequency, showering is essential for wellbeing and health and showering before bed is the recommended time of day to do it.

“This is to wash away the day’s dirt and grime and help you keep hygienic. Also, getting into bed with shoes on can cause huge health risks due to the germs and bacteria that can appear on the bottom of them.”

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