I caught neighbours using MY garden path on Ring doorbell – they say it's shared but I might put up a fence to stop them | The Sun

A DISPUTE has erupted between two households over the ownership of a front garden path.

An unnamed man noticed his neighbours cheekily cutting across the garden path which he says belongs to him.

He caught them in the act after installing a Ring doorbell on his front door shortly after moving in.

To add insult to injury, the neighbours have their own pathway – but they're using his as a shortcut instead.

When he approached them about it, the resident said there was some legal exemption which meant they're allowed to use the path to get to the street.

"I've only just got round to installing my Ring doorbell," the frustrated bloke said.

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"I was surprised to find that my neighbour uses the pathway in my garden to get from their house to the street.

"They have their own driveway and pathway to the street, they use my pathway as a shortcut.

"I confronted the neighbour about it, he said that it's some legal thing that they can use the path to get to the street.

"I've had a look at the deeds to my house and there is a mention of a shared pathway, but that's only for the pathway between the houses."

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He's also annoyed that the neighbour's kids run across the garden and touch his garden plants.

"Feel like I'm being 'that' d***head neighbour but also don't want random people walking into my garden!," he wrote on Reddit.

Commenters have supported the man and urged him to put up a fence.

"Good fences make good neighbours," one said.

"I'd get a fence, even if it is just a small decorative one to show where your boundary is," another said.

"They need to stay OUT of the garden, even if they are allowed to be on the path."

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