I found rude note from driver blasting my parking because they couldn't get their baby in car – it's dividing opinion | The Sun

A MUM was left furious after finding a "rude" note taped to her car accusing her of parking like an "absolute inconsiderate tosspot".

Mum-of-two Nicole Harvey returned to her car to find a handwritten note scrawled on a piece of paper telling her "learn to park between the lines".

Another infuriated mum had left the message as she "couldn't get her baby in the car".

"Learn to park between lines. Not on them," the note read.

"Couldn't get the baby in the car because you parked like an absolute inconsiderate tosspot."

But Nicole, from Byron Bay, Australia, defended her parking – and hit out at the parent.

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"To the person who left me this lovely note just now… the car that was parked next to me was on the lines so I had less room to work with – they must of left before you came out," she wrote. 

"Maybe next time park in the parent's parking. That's why they made them. FYI see the photos, I'm in my parking lines.

"Please share around, there are bigger problems in the world.

"No need to be rude. KINDNESS IS FREE."

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She said she hoped the post would be shared so "this person can learn from this" – and said they could have parked further away if they needed more than one full spot. 

After sharing the photos on Facebook, not everyone was on Nicole's side.

Although many told her "not to worry" about the note, some said she should take the comments on board.

"Don't worry about her just another Karen," one person said.

Another wrote: "War in Ukraine, Inflation, Income inequality… glad we have Facebook to get to the bottom of the real problem with the world, parking etiquette."

A third said: "I don't even bother parking in a spot if one of the vehicles are right on the line.

"Cause I'm smart enough to make the decision to go somewhere else instead of making it harder for the next person."

But some agreed with the other fuming parent who left the note – and criticised her parking.

One wrote: "As a mum with two in car seats I can tell you right now that the door wouldn’t be able to be opened enough to get a child into their car seat with the way you’ve parked.

"It wouldn’t have taken much time to correct your park so maybe that’s something you can take on board for the future."

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Another commented: "Not a straight park though is it?"

A third said: "You still parked pretty bad."

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