I transformed an abandoned Porsche Carrera into an unstoppable supercar – it's old owner left it to rot in his yard | The Sun

A CAR whizz has transformed an abandoned Porsche Carrera into an unstoppable supercar after its old owner left it to rot in a yard.

Motor enthusiast Johnny posted a clip to TikTok detailing the amazing restoration.

The "low cost" transformation took only seven days, but the difference is night and day.

When it was found, the 718 Carrera was dirty, rusted and covered with what appears to be a fishing net in a derelict outdoor space.

Even the front bumper was hanging off, while the hood was crammed with dead leaves.

Johnny apparently spotted it while on his way home from work at a Porsche dealership in South Korea.


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In the video he explained: "Though the owner was travelling abroad, when I found him I managed to buy it out."

He then took it back to the dealership, stripped it out and gave it new life over a week.

After replacing the interior components, he had hand-cut red leather shaped for the trim.

For the exterior, the car was thoroughly cleaned, wrapped in a grey film and given a Porsche GT4 bodykit to give it a bulkier appearance more like a sports/muscle car crossover.

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The pure white body provided a great contrast with the "Spider-Man black and red" interior.

The upgrade was completed with a new stereo system and Porsche badge-stamped leather armrest to add a touch of luxury.

Social media commenters were left stunned by the work.

One wrote: "Incredible craftsmanship."

Another added: "I believe this is the highest quality work done on a restoration."

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