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The cost of living crisis is hitting people hard all over the UK, with no let up for motorists in having to pay out big-time just to stay on the road.

Everything appears to be more expensive; from new cars, to fuel costs and energy prices – even VED tax is increasing from April following the Spring Budget.

Drivers need to save money anywhere they can find it, so automotive business, Peter Vardy, has come up with some top tips to help you save money when driving your car.

Avoid premium fuel 

Peter Vardy claims that for some cars, it’s not worth paying the extra for premium fuel. People tend to do this as they think it’s more efficient.

However, they said: "Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economy advantages and can even protect your engine.


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"In reality, unless you’re driving a performance vehicle, you’re unlikely to see many improvements – but you will pay an average of 10p more per litre. By sticking to standard unleaded, drivers can save themselves £138.32 per year."

Find a supermarket garage

Supermarket garages are always generally cheaper than branded filling stations, so perhaps think about combining topping your fuel up when you’re on a shopping trip.

It has been calculated that overall, people could save up around £74 a year by using supermarket pumps.

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Always shop around for car insurance

You should never allow your car insurance to auto-renew.

Why? Because you’ll almost certainly find a better deal by trying new providers and haggling for the best price.

Comparison sites are useful, but you may wish to try individual insurance companies yourself and then try to drive the separate quotes down.

Lighten the load

Any unnecessary weight you can remove from your car the better – as the heavier it is the more fuel you use.

Think about any items you can do without for a trip and set them aside.

Compare the Market said: "Removing any roof rack or roof box will also reduce wind resistance, and hence fuel consumption, too."

Pay road tax once a year

If you pay your road tax on an annual basis it could save you money, according to Peter Vardy.

The car sales company said: "While it may be easier to spread the cost of road tax, it ends up costing more in the long run. Saving up to pay it in one lump sum can save you £29 per year."

Is there another way to travel?

Think before you just jump into your car. 

Can you walk to get the shopping, or maybe even use a bicycle if you don’t need to carry too much?

There’s also the advantage of an improvement to your fitness and overall health.

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Shorter car trips have an impact on the environment and are an inefficient use of fuel.

If you do need to use a car, why not see if you can car share with a neighbour or a friend.

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