I’m a driving expert – here are my 5 top tips to avoid a road rage clash this summer | The Sun

A DRIVING expert has revealed their five top tips for avoiding a road rage clash this summer.

Neil Worth, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, explained how to make sure frustrating experiences on the road don't get the better of you.

Neil told Newspress: "As drivers, we all have to share the same road space and we all have to follow the rules.

"Most people accept this but there are a few who believe it’s acceptable to behave in an aggressive manner by using the horn, gesticulating or performing deliberately risky manoeuvres to inconvenience others on the road.

"They ignore the risk of possible consequences, either to themselves or to other road users."

He went on to run down a list of five ways to avoid confrontations.


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These included making a "pledge to be patient" as well as making sure you observe driving etiquette and use good manners on the road.

Saying thank you when someone lets you in or sorry when you make a mistake are great ways to keep the tension to a minimum.

And if you do get in trouble and feel threatened, he advised locking your doors and driving away from the issue to the nearest safe place, such as a petrol station forecourt.

From there, you can call the police if necessary and take your time to calm down away from the heat of the argument.

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Neil added: "We ask everyone to make safety their priority and to avoid bad manners on road journeys, however frustrating they may seem.

"We all make mistakes from time to time. But by showing consideration, patience and tolerance we can each do our bit to create a safer road environment for everyone."

It comes after one driver filmed himself smashing another car's windows in a road rage rampage.

Meanwhile, shocking footage emerged of a motorist launching a cone at a cyclist's face during a roadside altercation in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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