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AN expert mechanic has issued an urgent warning to drivers over an £8 part that can completely ruin their cars.

David Long, known as Car Wizard, took to his YouTube channel to explain how just one minor fault can leave a motor "undriveable".

David used a 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed to demonstrate the devastating effect that even a small electrical issue can have.

He said: "Today we're going to talk about how electronics like this little, tiny circuit board can leave you stranded and unmoveable under any circumstances – and it's not just Bentley."

The issue all came down to an error with the steering lock system on the car, an important safety feature that prevents the steering wheel turning when the key is removed.

When this malfunctioned, the car sensed the issue and would not activate the battery even when the key was turned in the ignition.


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This effectively shut down all of the car's electrical systems, meaning ignition, steering and gear changes were all impossible.

The cause of all the problems was that the circuit board controlling the steering lock mechanism failed.

All David had to do was replace the circuit board and it would "be like nothing ever happened".

While these can only be ordered through the manufacturer, they only cost $10, the equivalent of about £8.

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He added: "When it senses that this isn't working…it says 'oh my god I'm being broken into, somebody's trying to steal me so the next step is I need to shut this thing down.'"

Social media commenters were amazed by the handy advice.

One wrote: "Absolutely genius. I love the detail that the wizard goes into on his repairs."

Another added: "Cars have gotten way too complicated. We never know when something will fail, with any car."

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