Inside Sandringham House: One of the Queen’s oldest properties is worth a huge £4.8million

Sandringham House: Aerial views of the royal Norfolk estate

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Sandringham Estate is home to Sandringham House, occasionally visited by the Queen, and Anmer Hall, a property now belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent a lot of time in the latter home during the pandemic, often holding video calls from the house’s living room sofa.

Sandringham House is famous for being where the Royal Family usually spend Christmas and New Year.

Apart from last year, due to Covid concerns, the family has been celebrating the festivities in Sandringham House since 1988.

Prior to then, Christmas was spent at Windsor Castle.

But what does Sandringham House look like?

Worth a whopping £4.8million, the property has been renovated over the years and is different to how it first was when built in the Elizabethan era.

Original parts of the house date back to the late 16th century.

The property was even one of the first houses in England to have flushing toilets and working showers.

The exterior of the mansion is made of red brick and there is a large courtyard and green lawns on either side of the entrance.

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Inside, the house has an Edwardian design and has dark wooden furniture, patterned carpets, and large paintings throughout.

The dining room has transformed over the years, going from a light shade of cream to a pale hue of Braemer green.

There is a wooden table surrounded by matching chairs, a large fireplace framed by marble, a gold clock, and Spanish tapestries on the walls.

The table seats six people, but it can be expanded depending on the number of the guests.

A post on Sandringham’s official Instagram account explained: “Queen Victoria’s mahogany table sits pride of place in the dining room at Sandringham.

“Expanding to seat 22 it was brought back by her son King Edward VII from her residence on the Isle of Wight – Osborne House.

“The King and family would typically eat around 12-14 dishes at Christmas time around this table.”

Meanwhile, the drawing room features cream-coloured walls and a high ceiling decorated with colourful paintings, including a gold pheasant.

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Sandringham House added: “The golden pheasant in the Drawing Room keeps a beady eye from his striking trompe l’oeil ceiling panel perch.

“Queen Victoria in her journal in 1871 described this room as a ‘very long and handsome drawing room’.”

The house also has a music room, complete with a piano with a small stool, and large windows looking out over freshly-trimmed grass and trees.

The saloon is another impressive room in the property, featuring wooden panelling, a balcony, and multiple coats of arms on the wall.

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