Is Open AI down? Users left unable to access ChatGPT | The Sun

CHATGPT has crashed this morning, leaving many unable to access the popular AI bot.

The outage has even left paying customers locked out of ChatGPT, created by machine learning company Open AI.

Hundreds of outage reports have poured from across the UK and the US since around 8am this morning.

Instead of being able to log in, users are being met with a pop up message which reads: "Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit.

"Currently we are receiving more requests than we are comfortable with! To try your request again, come back in a short while and reload this page."

It comes just days after Open AI's subscription model was launched in India.


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People are just realising they can use ChatGPT-4 without joining a waitlist

ChatGPT plus is OpenAI's subscription model offers users access to the AI bot during peak times, faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements for $20 a month.

However, the hype surrounding Open AI's new ChatGPT-4 likely has people flocking to the website.

Fans of the AI chatbot have voiced their woes on social media.

"Just bought ChatGPT plus still facing issues with accessing the service. servers overloaded then what's the point of paying," one paying customer wrote on Twitter.

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Another Twitter user replied, saying: "Yeah, same here, outage seems inevitable at this moment since GPT-4. Fix it please @OpenAI."

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