Is Spotify down? Music fans furious as app 'breaks' | The Sun

SPOTIFY has left music fans in silence this afternoon, as users experience issues with audio streaming.

Many users have flocked to outage website DownDetector to report their issues with the platform.

Why is Spotify down?

Reports started coming in around 11:30am GMT on March 21, 2023, that there was something wrong with the audio streaming.

The majority of the reports were related to troubles with streaming music, podcasts and other content on the platform.

But around 16% of users have reported an issue with the app.

Only 1% of reporters said there is something wrong with the website.

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Music fans have taken to social media to share their woes.

"Not Spotify going down while trying to work without coffee," said one Twitter user.

"Not me restarting and deleting Spotify of PS5 because the music stop playing only for me to check DownDetector to Spotify is down. I’m kind of annoyed because I was in a middle of a game," said another.

How can I check if Spotify is down?

Companies have been making it easier for users to check on the status of their sites.

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A few places Spotify users can check if the site is down include:

  • DownDetector
  • On Twitter @SpotifyStatus
  • On Twitter @SpotifyCares
  • Online at

What are some Spotify fixes users can try?

On Spotify's "Spotify Cares" Twitter page, they have posted a video that includes some tips users can try to get the service back up and running.

To troubleshoot the app, the company suggests that users:

  • Restart the app
  • Log out and log back in
  • Check offline mode status
  • Reinstall the app

If the app is still not working users can then check

  • Amazon Music Unlimited, 3 months free £10.99 – subscribe here

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