Kamala Harris 'checks all the boxes,' is 'least risky' running mate choice for Biden, Tom Bevan says

Tom Bevan: Joe Biden’s VP pick represents the Democratic Party’s bridge to the future

Real Clear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan joins Bill Hemmer with insight on the significance of Joe Biden’s choice of running mate.

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., "checks all the boxes" to be named as Joe Biden's running mate, and is the "least risky" choice for a risk-averse candidate, RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan told "Bill Hemmer Reports." Monday.

"If I was a betting man, I’d probably go with the favorite, Kamala Harris, just because she … I think, checks all the boxes and is the least risky choice," Bevan told host Bill Hemmer.

"She has stature, being a senator. She’s vetted, from running her presidential campaign, and I think Biden is risk-averse, I don’t think he wants to take a big risk, and I don’t think his folks think he needs to take a big risk at this point given where he stands in the polls."

Harris has long been considered a frontrunner to join the Biden ticket, but critics suggest her record as a California prosecutor and her contentious debate exchanges with the presumptive Democratic nominee during the primary campaign can be seen as liabilities.


Speculation that Harris might be Biden’s choice increased last month however, after a page of notes that Biden held during a news conference had Harris’ name scribbled across the top. The senator’s name was followed by five talking points: “Do not hold grudges.” “Campaigned with me & Jill.” “Talented.” “Great help to campaign.” “Great respect for her.”

Also said to be under consideration is former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Rice was a controversial figure during her time in the Obama administration, most notably in the aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi terror attack. But she has experience in government and a good working relationship with Biden, Bevan explained.


"He worked with her in the White House. By all accounts, they had a warm relationship, [they] used to socialize and talk," Bevan said. "Among those folks on the list, [he is] most familiar with, most comfortable with Susan Rice, and as a member of the administration, they shared the same values and agenda in terms of working for Barack Obama."

Bevan went on to suggest the Biden campagin is "trying to generate tension, excitement about this, which is why you see even some Biden folks pedaling disinformation.

"You have Gretchen Whitmer flying out [to Delaware], Susan Rice selling [Netflix] stocks, all these things are, I think, are part of that process where they don’t want this to be [a] half-day story that comes and goes and lands with a thud. They want excitement around Joe Biden's selection."

However, Bevan added, the delay in announcing the actual choice is a "mistake" and raises questions "about what is going on behind the scenes."

"I do think the way we’re seeing this sort of vicious infighting, and the opposition, the research dumped on each of the women as their names have risen in the rankings, speaks to the fact this pick is important, not only short-term, because of, not only about questions about Biden and his age and all that, but because it represents, really, the bridge to the future of the Democratic Party," Bevan explained.

"So, the stakes are high for constituencies that are again, putting pressure on Biden behind the scenes."

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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