Kate and William have a £624m home with 20 ‘lavish rooms’ – see inside

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The Royal Family owns about 25 properties, but the most popular residence on social media is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s London home, Kensington Palace. This home generates 148 Instagram hashtags per square metre, which is eight times more hashtags than Buckingham Palace.

The palace is where William and Kate lived most of the time before moving to Adelaide Cottage in the summer of 2022.

The couple still retains the London property and they stay there whenever they have royal engagements in the capital.

It is estimated to be worth £624million and has a wide variety of royal apartments, wings, and offices.

This royal residence has the most Instagram hashtags per square metre (148), according to research by Luxury Hotel.

Kensington Palace has formerly housed a number of prominent royals, including Princess Diana.

Princess Diana lived in Kensington Palace Apartments eight and nine, and she utilised her style to make them into light, airy spaces.

This could be seen from the interior pictures at the time, with the warm, yellow walls in her drawing room to the pastel wallpaper in her sitting room.

Meanwhile, William and Kate’s Kensington Palace apartment is a luxurious, four-story home with 20 opulent rooms from the basement to the attic.

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The living quarters of the Prince and Princess are reported to have a number of drawing rooms, a gym, a lift, encrypted Wi-Fi, and a walled garden.

A spokesperson for Luxury Hotel told Express.co.uk: “Kensington Palace is the hottest royal residence on Instagram – with more hashtags per square metre than any other home.

“This reveals the overwhelming popularity of William and Kate.”

Kensington Palace is more popular on social media than Buckingham Palace, which is the official home of the British monarch and a symbol of royalty worldwide.

The experts continued: “The role of Buckingham Palace as the epicentre of the monarchy, and the setting for major state and royal events is no match for the public’s fascination with every aspect of the lives of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“This includes from the way they raise their children to every lavish room of their Kensington Palace apartment.”

Kate and William came second and third respectively for the most popular members of the Royal Family in 2022, according to a YouGov poll.

The only member of the Royal Family to beat them to first place was the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The property experts argue that this could explain the popularity of Kensington Palace.

They claimed: “The Prince and Princess of Wales have catapulted the Royal Family into the 21st Century with their fresh outlook and stylish attainability, interspersed with enough regal formality to maintain the idealised mystery of the Crown.

“While William is unlikely to become King for several years, the unrelenting power of he and his wife Kate Middleton (the future Queen Consort of England) on social media is so great that they have made Kensington Palace more desirable on Instagram than Buckingham Palace.

“This is likely to make him the most sought-after future monarch in history.”

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