Kate Middleton and William eyeing up homes in Windsor – inside Frogmore House worth £2.5m

Frogmore House is 'special' to Harry and Meghan says expert

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Prince William and Kate Middleton currently live in Kensington Palace, but they are said to be looking to move to Windsor as soon as possible. The royal couple have reportedly checked out a number of royal homes in the area and are now looking at private homes. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have so far ruled out Fort Belvedere, which was the home of former King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson for a few years until his abdication in 1936.

Kate and William would have eyed up Frogmore House, it has also been reported.

The residence is approximately one mile away from Windsor Castle and is a favourite location of the Queen who, when in good health, walks her dogs there.

Moreover, last month Her Majesty travelled to this residence to spend an afternoon with some of her closest relatives – including the Cambridges and their three children, Princess Beatrice and her daughter Sienna.

While there are several homes the Cambridges could take up as their own in Windsor, royal sources have dismissed claims the Cambridges could be given an apartment in Windsor Castle.

What is it like inside Frogmore House?

Frogmore House has been a royal residence since 1792, but it is currently unoccupied.

Her Majesty has never chosen to live in the property because when she is in Windsor, she resides at her very own castle, which is the world’s largest occupied castle.

Frogmore House gets its name from the many frogs that inhabit the marshland around the grounds.

Queen Victoria had a great affection for Frogmore. She visited regularly during her long widowhood.

The house is now home to the royal Mausoleum where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried.

Queen Charlotte and her unmarried daughters used Frogmore as a country retreat where they did hobbies such as painting, drawing, needlework, reading and botany.

On the Royal Collection Trust website, Queen Charlotte is quoted as saying: “I mean this place to furnish me with fresh amusements every day.”

Queen Charlotte had an extensive collection of books, including a botanical library, which spanned across several rooms at Frogmore.

The home features decor by 18th-century flower painter Mary Moser, and furnishings from the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The ornate Mary Moser room has beautiful floral designs across the ceiling and on the walls, as well as bouquets of flowers on display.

The living rooms have stunning 18th-century portraits on the walls, and floral sofas and armchairs. The house also contains a grand staircase leading up to the second level.

The white stucco and French doors outside the house can be seen reflecting into the Home Park lake.

The view from the Windsor Castle estate reveals the private tree-lined gardens outside the house.

Frogmore is also known for its beautiful gardens with over 4,000 trees and shrubs.

During the 1980s, the house underwent extensive restoration, revealing the lost early 18th-century wall paintings by Louis Laguerre.

Work was also done on the Green Pavilion, in an effort to restore it to its appearance during the occupation of Queen Charlotte.

The restorations cost a total of £2.5million by the time they were completed in 1990.

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