Laura Ingraham talks to Jack Nicklaus and son about the importance of family over sports

Jack Nicklaus II shares lessons learned from his father

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus & his son talk family and fatherhood just in time for Fathers Day

Jack “Jackie” Nicklaus II, son of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, joined his father on “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday to discuss the importance of family, even when you’re a major athlete with all those separate responsibilities and visibility.

Nicklaus II is the author of “Best Seat in the House – 18 Golden Lessons From a Father to His Son.” The elder Nicklaus’ nickname is the “Golden Bear.”

Nicklaus told host Laura Ingraham that his most memorable victory when his son joined him as his caddy during the 1986 Masters in Augusta, Ga.

“We played great and we won and Jackie was a tremendous help – and it was a very special thing to walk off the 18th green, give my son a hug and share with him what was probably my most celebrated victory.”

“My family’s always been number 1 golf has always been number 2 and my business third,” he added. “As long as I kept my family first and kept my priorities there, that’s where I wanted them. Had I decided that golf was more of a priority and create more of a legacy, I could’ve played a lot more years, I could’ve probably in my 30s and probably not watched the kids play sports and did not introduce them to things, not to be a dad.”

Nicklaus II added that his father always saw the bigger picture when it came to his family over sports.

“I know his golf competitors got caught up, and even myself when I tried to play golf, I got caught up in what that had meant on that day,” he said.

“Sure, he could’ve played a lot more golf tournaments, but I think dad will agree with me about the legacy –the legacy is his family. I hope my legacy will be my family, my children, and on and on it goes.”

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