Lavazza coffee and coffee machine sale – get up £70 off a new kitchen gadget

COFFEE machines can boost your home hot-drink game and aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Especially when there is a sale on – like the current promotion by Lavazza.

Lavazza has launched a new sale across most of its products, with discounts up to 50%.

And capsules, coffee machines and accessories are all part of the promotion.

Lavazza is more and more a household name in the UK; known to some sports fans through affiliation with top football clubs.

And its machines are on the more affordable side, with quick capsule brewing at the core of its home-made options.

  • Get up to £70 off on coffee machines, save on capsules and accessories – buy here

All eight of Lavazza’s coffee machines are on sale, with savings of up to £70 to be had.

From the entry level Tiny machine to the top-end Desea, you can save yourself a decent amount in the new sale.

And while the machine for you will depend on your preferred coffee, there’s a good amount of variety.

While the Tiny (£20 off) only provides espressos, the Jolie (£24 off) offers espresso or longer coffees (café lungos).

Further up the price-range, the Idola provides longer coffees too and is £45 off.

The Desea, which provides macchiatos and cappuccinos with options for frothed milk, is now £70 off at £129.

If you did pick up a machine, you’d want Lavazza’s eco caps (capsules) too.

They’re now half-price as well, at £1.50 for ten – which works out at just 15p per cup – much cheaper than a coffee shop.

We don’t yet know when the sale is ending, but Lavazza is offering free delivery on any orders over £39.

So that’s an extra saving if you do treat yourself to a smart new kitchen gadget.

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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