Massive Call of Duty update bug forces players to download 171GB 'update' and reinstall ENTIRE game just to play

SHOCKED Call of Duty players were forced to download a 171-gigabyte "update" this week due to a bug.

The massive download effectively meant reinstalling the entire game – a file size equivalent to more than 170 hours of Netflix.

It meant some gamers were unable to play for several days.

Others moaned that they had been forced to download the entire update twice in a single week.

And some gamers said the massive update wouldn't download at all – either due to freezing, or extremely slow download speeds.

Game-maker Activision sparked further ire after revealing that the only fix available to affected gamers would be to reinstall the entire game.

However, it later confirmed that the bug had been fixed, and gamers would no longer be required to download a 171GB installation.

One angry gamer said: "How exactly am I supposed to play the product I paid for now?

"Not everyone has unlimited internet, and some people like me cannot download a 175GB update.

"This is crazy. We should be able to get a refund for this joke of a game."

Another wrote: "Imagine my surprise after working all week (for the NHS) through this COVID rubbish to find my game has a 171GB download.

"That will take all weekend. What’s the fix? There isn’t one? I just have to download the whole game again?

"Not good enough! People who have paid for this game deserve compensation!"

A thread on the official Call of Duty forum received hundreds of replies about the issue.

And hundreds of Call of Duty players flocked to Twitter to complain too.

In a response, Activision said: "For the large download issue, it appears that the game client has become damaged or unrecognisable for some reason, and is having to be reinstalled for some players.

"Of note – a 20 GB patch is normal for this update.

"Players who are having large download problems are having installs of 80 or 171 GB due to the game fully reinstalling itself."

The company added that a patch had been released for the installation program to prevent this from happening again.

"Here’s what you need to do at this point: Allow to update itself. If it doesn’t update when you log in today (April 1, 2020) then restart your PC.

"Finish any current Call of Duty downloads occuring. Unfortunately there is no way for you to recover the old data, so you will need to finish any downloads."

The update in question was last week's delayed Call of Duty update.

Its true file size should have been between 11GB-20GB.

One of the key updates is the addition of Talon, a brand new Operator.

We're also expecting new 6v6 game modes as well as a multiplayer map named Khandor Hideout.

Khandor Hideout – the official details

Here's what Infinity Ward had to say…

  • "This medium-sized map in Urzikistan supports 6v6 play and has long sight lines and interior spaces to complement diverse combat ranges
  • "The large centrally located warehouse is a hub of activity and haven for CQB players.
  • "Hunt down your enemies and be wary of marksmen firing down lanes in Khandor Hideout."

It's a medium-sized map that is available in the standard Multiplayer playlists.

Infinity Ward also added four weapons to the new Warzone game mode – a Fortnite-style battle royale that's free for users, even if they haven't bought the main game.

The weapons included in the update are: MK14 EBR, 725 shotgun, MK2 Carbine and the .50 GS.

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Activision also recently added a new Warzone Solos mode.

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Have you experienced any issues with Call of Duty recently? If so, let us know in the comments!

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