Millions of tenants may be given the right to buy their homes in major shake up

Thatcher announces Right to Buy scheme in 1974

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Boris Johnson wants up to 2.5 million tenants to be given the right to buy the homes they rent from their housing associations. This would mean a major shake-up to the current system in plans that are reminiscent of the Thatcher scheme.

In addition, billions of pounds paid by the Government in housing benefit could be used to help recipients secure mortgages.

A Government source said Boris Johnson has been considering the plans for a number of weeks.

They told the Telegraph: “The Prime Minister has got very excited about this. It could be hugely significant.

“In many ways it is a direct replica of the great Maggie idea of ‘buy your own council flat’.

“It is buy your own housing association flat.”

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Meanwhile, millions of people are still waiting for their £150 council tax rebate.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised it would be in peoples’ bank accounts from April but although some councils have paid out, other residents are still waiting.

The deadline for councils to pay the money is September.

The £150 rebate could be a lifeline to millions of Britons right now who are struggling to survive the cost of living crisis.

The Local Government Association reassured people that it is processing payments as quickly as it can.

Delays have been blamed on new software and essential fraud checks.

Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Michael Gove, recently said: “As we emerge from the pandemic, we understand the pressures facing many families as global inflation levels increase.

“The support we have introduced will help millions of people, particularly those on the lowest incomes and the most vulnerable.”

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He continued: “We continue to stand behind the British people and I urge everyone who is eligible to claim this rebate to do so.”

Approximately 20million households qualify for this £150 rebate which will be paid to households in council tax bands A to D.

Another £144million is being granted to councils for discretionary support for those who do not qualify, including individuals in council tax bands E to H.

To apply for this, people will need to get in touch with their local council directly.

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