Murphy Imposing New Virus Restrictions in N.J. as Cases Surge

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he will reimpose some restrictions Monday in the wake of the state reporting about 5,000 new Covid-19 cases in just 48 hours.

The state’s bars, restaurants and indoor youth sports may be reined in, Murphy said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” The limits wouldn’t include college sports as part of measures he said he would announce Monday.

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    “We’re looking at hours as it relates to indoor dining,” Murphy said later on Fox’s “Good Day New York.” Outdoor restaurants and takeout will not be affected, he said. “There are certain areas where restaurants stay open later, people’s habits get sloppy. When you sit at a bar, transmission rates, we’re seeing, are high.”

    Murphy said the restrictions will take effect in several days. He said he has no plans to limit college sports, but will take steps on youth contests.

    “If you’re playing indoor sports tournaments with other states, we’re seeing transmission not from the sport, but from adjacent activities,” Murphy said on Fox.

    Murphy said the majority of spread appears to be rooted in gatherings in private homes. “I wouldn’t say more restrictions inside your house, because that’s not feasible,” he said. “We can’t enforce compliance in somebody’s home, for the most part, unless they’re having some big raucous party.”

    Murphy in March closed schools, ordered non-essential businesses to stop operating and mandated social distancing to slow the spread. He relaxed restrictions over several months, though restaurants and retailers are subject to capacity limits and other rules. He stressed that his new policies won’t be nearly as restrictive.

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