New Three SIM-only offer includes £11 for UNLIMITED data for six months

THERE Are plenty of big SIM-only offers around right now.

And a new boost from Three is one for those who want unlimited data.

The mobile network has an unlimited data SIM-only deal which usually costs £22 a month.

But right now you can get a 25 per cent saving on the total cost of the plan.

As the SIM plan is a two-year contract, you’d expect to pay the monthly amount throughout.

But Three has tweaked the plan so that the second six months are half price.

  • Three 12-month Unlimited SIM-only deal, £22 a month (£11 months 7-12) – buy here

The saving means you’d be paying £22 for unlimited data for the first six months.

Then at month seven of the 24-month contract, that drops to £11 a month.

After month twelve, the cost then returns to £22 a month and continues for the rest of the contract.

Previously some SIM-only offers have been half-price for the first six months, so delaying the discount is unusual.

But it does mean that the total cost of the SIM deal is £462, a 25 per cent saving on a plan which would usually cost £528.

The deal is a two-year contract, and with unlimited data, so you’ll need to be a power user to get full value.

Still, it’s a good saving for a whole lot of data and a strong candidate for best Unlimited SIM contract deal.

If you’re not sure you do need unlimited data, or if you’d prefer a rolling offer, Smarty’s 100GB for £15 promotion might be better.

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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