New York Times column praises benefits of coronavirus pandemic that ‘made the radical possible’

New York Times story: Coronavirus ‘made the radical possible’

Fox and Friends Weekend co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain react after a New York Times story looks on the bright side of the coronavirus, in that it made more radical policies a possibility.

The liberal New York Times published a feature on Thursday that praised radical aspects of the coronavirus pandemic such as criminals being released from jail early and states putting a halt on the need to pay bills.

The opinion piece titled, “The Coronavirus made the radical possible,” by freelance journalist Rachel Cohen found the benefits of the pandemic that has killed over 500,00 Americans and shuttered businesses across the nation.

“Last spring, as a poorly understood virus swept the planet­, something remarkable happened: Across the country, all levels of government put in place policies that just a few months earlier would have been seen by most people — not to mention most politicians — as radical and politically naïve,” Cohen wrote.

The New York Times published a feature that praised radical policies stemming frmo the coronavirus pandemic, such as criminals being released from jail early and states putting a halt on the need to pay bills.


“The pandemic has been a long nightmare, but those were progressive pipe dreams turned reality. The arrival of the coronavirus, along with the wide-scale economic shutdowns to slow its spread, forced American policymakers to admit that a new world wasn’t just possible — it was necessary,” Cohen added, praising things like bans on utility shut-offs and thousands of incarcerated people being released from prison.

Fox News host Pete Hegseth said Friday on “Fox & Friends” that the article is an example of the left using a crisis to advance its agenda.

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” Hegseth said. “The things they listed are don’t pay your bills, stop evictions, tripling unemployment benefits, car-free streets, scrapping bail and letting criminals out of jail. It’s insanity. But what do you expect from The New York Times?”

Fellow “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain feels the Democratic Party is going to have a “hard time letting go” of the coronavirus pandemic, citing the Times piece as proof.

“Many of these emergency interventions are set to disappear. The pandemic’s end now finally appears on the horizon, and millions are desperate to return to normal — to our schools and offices, our family visits and holiday celebrations. But when it comes to so many issues — from climate change to child care — a return to “normal” is aiming far too low,” Cohen wrote, noting she is hopeful that many pandemic-era changes stick around.


“The pandemic offered glimpses of what is possible. But will all this become a blip in history, or will it provide impetus for long-term change? The public has a genuine but brief window over the next few months to make America a fairer, more just and more humane place. If people recognize that, seize that and demand that, they could reshape this country for decades,” Cohen continued.

The Times also praised the pandemic for forcing leaders into “giving homeless people their own independent living spaces,” making Americans more aware of “unsafe conditions in jails” and even helping low-income households get internet access.

“This is the moment to ensure that lessons from the pandemic become part of the policy conversation moving forward — to remember we can do more than conventional wisdom would have us believe,” Cohen wrote.  

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