Premium Bonds winning numbers: What are winning results for September 2020?

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Two lucky winners have become instant millionaires in this months Premium Bonds draw. A number of people will also be able to get their hands on other fab cash prizes up to £100,000. Here are the results for September 2020’s Premium Bonds draw.

Two people have won the highest prize value of £1million for September 2020.

One winner is a man from Wales, who has invested £17,745 in Premium Bonds.

The bond was purchased in July 2015, and has a value of £5,000.

The winning bond number is 250SL107433.

Another winner of £1million for September 2020 is a woman from South Scotland.

The winner has invested £10,000 in Premium Bonds.

The winning bond was purchased in March 2003, and its bond value is £5,000.

The winning bond number is 93XD777211.

The prize fund for September 2020 was worth more than £110million.

This month there are more than 3.8million prizes up for grabs.

Although not everyone will be a millionaire this month, NS&I estimated seven lucky people would win £100,000 for September 2020.

Some other big winners will also have won £50,000, £25,000, £10,000 or £5,000 this month.

To check if you have won any prizes in this month’s draw, you can use the NS&I Prize Checker HERE. 

The Prize Checker is normally updated by the second working day of each month.

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