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EXPRESSING your emotions over text can be tricky, especially when each emoji can mean a different thing.

Here, we tell you more about the meaning of the purple heart emoji.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?

Other than love, the purple heart emoji is used to show a close bond with someone and support for those close to you.

It can show care and compassion towards someone while it can also indicate attraction.

Because of the hit song by Ty Dolla $ign featuring J Cole, Purple Emoji, some also consider this emoji as a sign of sexual attraction towards someone.

Meanwhile, it can also show that someone has an admiration for all things purple.

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It is also used by BTS fans who want to show their love online for the K-Pop boy band.

Another meaning adapted by Americans is the reference to the medal awarded by the US military.

When should you use the purple heart emoji?

Social media and its memes, trends and symbols can be pretty hard to keep track of at the best of times, and if you feel a bit perplexed by it all from time to time, you're not alone.

Some emojis have such unexpected double meanings and it's natural to want to check when and how it's appropriate to use one.

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On social media, you can use it any time to refer to one of the meanings we indicated above.

You might want to show your support or care to someone who shared something heartfelt online.

Or if you're flirting with a fling over text, this can be a good emoji to use too.

What other heart emojis are there?

New emojis are released every year, and there are now thousands of options for you to choose from.

Heart emojis have different meanings and most of them are used for different social causes promoted online.

These are the other heart emojis that you can find on your keypad and they all signify something different:

  • White heart
  • Red heart
  • Black heart
  • Yellow heart
  • Green heart
  • Blue heart
  • Pink heart
  • Sparkle heart
  • Beating heart
  • Growing heart
  • Broken heart
  • Orange heart
  • Exclamation mark heart
  • Heart with arrow
  • Two hearts
  • Heart with a bow
  • Brown heart
  • Bandaged heart

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