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NOW more than ever, people in the UK are keeping a watchful eye over their monthly bills.

Based on a survey conducted among 15,000 of its customers, phone network Lebara has calculated that you can save an average of £10 on your monthly phone bill if you switch providers.

When switching from one of the big four networks in the UK, the savings are even higher, amounting to £135 a year.

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Historically, UK networks have relied on their customers not being proactive enough to look for contracts elsewhere – but times are changing.

With inflation at record levels and the cost of living spiraling out of control, Britons are closely monitoring their expenditure in every aspect of their lives, and that includes their mobile phones.

Earlier this year, Lebara also conducted a survey to reveal how Britons were looking to cut down on their expenses in order to save money for mounting bills

They gathered the following results from participants:

  • 77% are concerned that their energy bills will become unaffordable.
  • 48% say they plan to change at least one of their utility service providers in order to save money
  • 46% use 5GB or less of data each month on their phone
  • 31% currently pay over £20 a month on their phone bill

‘Customers often don’t know that all mobile operators in the UK use one of the four big networks,’ explains Rajesh Dongre, Lebara's UK Managing Director. ‘Therefore, they won’t compromise on the quality and reliability of the network when switching from one of the big brands.

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‘Switching to Lebara will help you save money which might just allow you to continue doing some of the things you love. Plus, the excellent customer service and the same great network make it a no-brainer really.’

Lebara offers a range of SIM-only deals that focus on low data for low money – plans start at 3G of monthly data for £5 per month, while 6GB costs £10 per month and £25 per month for unlimited data.

Lebara offers a range of SIM-only deals that focus on good value for money – plans start at £5 per month for 3GB data, while 15GB costs £10 per month.

All plans include at least 100 minutes to make international calls to 42 countries, making them perfect if you’ve got loved ones overseas.

And, all these plans work on a one-month rolling basis, meaning there’s no long-term commitment.

You can opt out of your plan at any time you want, or even switch to another data allowance the following month if you need to.

Lebara is perhaps the only network that allows you to use all of your plan allowance in the EU (up to 30GB for customers on Unlimited Data plans) for no extra charge.

That’s some peace of mind for those travelling in the coming months.

Lebara is rated excellent on Trustpilot with over 10,000 5 star reviews. Its runs on the Vodafone network and offer 5G by default across all sim plans.

In these financially difficult times, take control of your phone spend and make the switch to a better, cheaper, smarter provider like Lebara.

  • Phone plans from £5 for 3GB – shop at Lebara



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