Savvy shoppers share money saving tips to slash shopping bill

A place where many people start to make savings is through weekly food shopping, which can often take up a significant part of outgoings for families. Many shoppers have used online forums to share their personal tips and tricks to cutting costs on food shopping. And one Mumsnet thread proved to contain valuable advice for weekly plans.


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One user ‘IDoDaChaCha’ wrote three years ago that she was struggling with the increasing price of groceries.

She asked fellow users to provide her with advice to assist in her weekly shop.

And user ‘BahHumbygge’ broke down their method for cutting costs.

They wrote: “Shop for final yellow sticker bargains, last reductions are often down to 10p.

“Don’t drink anything at home except water, tea, herbal tea, coffee, milk and one bottle of wine per week – soft drinks, juices and alcohol quickly add up. 

“When vegetables are marked down, buy a couple of extras and make pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi. Also make up a batch of vegetable soup and freeze in portions.”

The user also advised making DIY cleaning products with household items such as bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, as well as cutting dishwasher tablets in half. 

Another user stated planning ahead with meals before shopping was the best way to cut down on waste and save money.

They said: “We spend about £70-£80 a week on a family of four.

“Monday night is always pasta and sauce with grated cheese. Tuesday is roast chicken, onion rings, roasties and veg. Wednesday, we use the leftover chicken with pasta, sweetcorn in tin of Batchelors condensed Mushroom Soup.

“Thursday is fajitas, with the rest of leftover chicken. Friday – fish and chips – 4 battered cod frozen for £2. Saturday is spaghetti and tomato sauce with chopped sausages. Sunday is soup for lunch and macaroni cheese for tea.”

A third user said frozen food was the best way to save money.

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They wrote: “I have switched to more frozen products. Frozen salmon, frozen pollock, chicken breast, butternut squash, broccoli, chopped peppers, peas and carrots.

“These are cheaper in the first place, no waste, and can all be cooked from frozen so it’s no less convenient!”

And a fourth said using the same ingredient for multiple dishes throughout the week was a good way for shoppers to be efficient.

They said: ”Using the same ingredient for more than one meal means we can try to stretch what we have out and nothing goes to waste.

“It means we can be a bit more interesting but without much cost. We can’t be massively spontaneous with food, snacks or baking but we will allow ourselves one or two indulgences if we have a bit of room in the budget.”

Cutting out branded items, and buying in bulk were also other tips handed out to shoppers on the site in a quest to save extra money.

The popular MoneySavingExpert website also offers customers advice on how to slash their shopping bills. 

Founder Martin Lewis believes ‘downshifting’ – or dropping one brand level on every item in a weekly shop is vital in saving money.

Using own brands, the journalist states, is a good way to save money, as long as the taste of the product does not change detrimentally. 

By undertaking this form of shopping, Martin believes Britons can save thousands each year. 

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