Sen. Kennedy hits back at NYT op-ed touting Biden: Their answer is turn America over to 'managerial elites'

Sen. John Kennedy says next COVID relief package will not be Nancy Pelosi’s bill

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, joins Shannon Bream with insight on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

If you believe the words of a recent op-ed in The New York Times which supposedly offers "hope," then "you were probably that kid in grade school who always ate the paste," Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy stated Thursday night.

In an interview on "Fox News @ Night" with host Shannon Bream, Kennedy said he had read Nicholas Kristof's piece, titled "We Interrupt This Gloom to Offer … Hope."


"It's supposedly about hope. I mean, who can be against hope?" he asked. "That's like, that's like hating golden retrievers."

However, upon delving further into the article, Kennedy could not find where the hope was.

FILE – In this June 20, 2020, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla. The coronavirus pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, but campaigns are still forging ahead with in-person organizing. The pandemic upended elections this year, forcing campaigns to shift their organizing activities almost entirely online and compelling both parties to reconfigure their conventions. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

"Here's what the article says. My words, not the author's. America is a depraved country. Most Americans, he says — in my opinion – particularly white Americans, are racist, and misogynistic, and ignorant. They're morons," he said. "And then, the author goes on to say — my words, not his — that the American people are so moronic that they can't fix their country."

Kristof wrote Thursday that while the nation is "a mess," simultaneous "catastrophes have also created conditions that may finally let us extricate ourselves from the mire," as well as the "grim awareness of [our] national failures."

Kristof painted President Trump as the "avatar of failed 'let them eat cake' policies — drawing parallels to former President Richard Nixon — but assured there is a "chance for a reset."

He also highlighted how "America's 50 years of failures had their roots in racism," adding that the Black Lives Matter movement "along with a broad recognition that America has taken a wrong path" creates an "opportunity" for presumptive 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"Is that a pipe dream?" Kristof asked. "Perhaps. But a series of national crises may have exposed our failings enough to give us a chance at a do-over."

"And so, the answer is to turn America over to the managerial elites," Kennedy said. "And, by that, I mean the cultured, cosmopolitan, bacon-wrapped shrimp and tuna tartare crowd who think they're smarter and more virtuous than the American people."


"And, the author seems to think that those, that managerial elite, is comprised of what I call the Ritz Carlton Democrats," he said. "Though I will tell you, I know some big-government Republicans who act the same way."

"In my opinion, if you believe this article," Kennedy said, "you were probably that kid in grade school who always ate the paste."

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