Shower door cleaning: Leave glass ‘gleaming’ with white wine and vinegar hacks

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Cleaning glass shower doors can be a troublesome chore, with watermarks building up on the surface every time you use your shower. While there are plenty of cleaning products available that promise to wash away unwanted stains, according to experts, there are some other methods that could leave doors “gleaming”.

Why do glass doors get marked so easily?

Before cleaning your shower door, it’s good to understand why and how the stains come to be.

The marks are usually down to the minerals in the water which build up on the surface of the glass as the droplets evaporate.

This is often why marks can tend to be worse in areas with hard water.

Shower door marks can also be caused by leftover shampoo and body wash, as well as dead skin cells.

Mark Fullilove, digital marketing manager at Sanctuary Bathrooms told “For those living in hard water areas, limescale, water spots and left behind residue that causes soap scum, are the biggest issues.

“The best way to stay on top of this is regular cleaning, every little and often.”

Use a squeegee

One of the easiest ways to “make your screen gleam” is through prevention, according to Paul Bailey, leader of product management at fixtures and fittings specialists LIXIL EMENA and GROHE UK.

He explained: “One of the easiest ways to prevent water marks from building up is by ensuring water is removed from your shower screen after every use.”

Mr Fullilove added: “Keep a squeegee in the shower and use it to squeegee shower doors and walls after every shower, to instantly remove any moisture and avoid build up over time.”

The simple hand-held tool is more effective than a cloth or sponge because the rubber or sponge blade removes cleaning fluid and water from a glass surface in one clean swipe.

Wiping down surfaces after use can also stop any leftover residue.

Mr Fullilove said: “Ensure surfaces and taps are dried after use, to avoid water hanging around and leaving hard water stains.

“Keep a dry microfibre cloth to hand in the bathroom, at all times, so this can easily be incorporated into your bathroom routine.

“Remember that each time you have a hot shower, and the bathroom steams up, this will help loosen soap scum on tiles, mirrors and other surfaces and offers a great, quick and easy opportunity to wipe around soap scum with a cloth.”

As an additional measure, Mr Bailey also recommends treating your glass.

He explained: “Look out for kits which can be used to treat the glass with a special coating which helps to resist any damage from soaps and limescale and makes cleaning a breeze.”

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Vinegar is hailed for its multi-purpose cleaning uses around the home, particularly on glass surfaces.

Cleaning influencer and self-proclaimed Method addict Steve, who posts on Instagram under the username @cleaningandme, says vinegar is his “go-to natural cleaner” for bathrooms.

Not only does it work wonders on glass shower doors, it can also clean limescale and water marks from tiles too.

He explained: “My go-to natural cleaner for bathrooms is white vinegar for glass shower doors and tiles.

“Spray, then leave for 10 minutes or so. The acid in the vinegar will remove soap scum and limescale. Next, wipe and buff for a great clean and shine.

“This solution is also ideal for cleaning the toilet, as white vinegar is a natural disinfectant.”

White wine

While most of us prefer to drink our white wine or add it to cooking, if you have any leftover, it could work well to tackle hard water marks according to Mr Fullilove.

He explained: “White wine can be used as an eco-friendly cleaning agent for shower doors – plus, you can reward yourself afterwards with a glass or two.”

The easiest way to do this is to add a little bit to a spray bottle and spritz it onto the shower door.

Alternatively, dab a little bit on a cloth and transfer it to the glass.

Next, Mr Fullilove recommends leaving for at least 30 minutes.

He added: “Finally, wipe with a soft cloth for a fantastic, easy way of removing limescale and stubborn bathroom stains.”

According to Expert Home Tips, white wine works in a similar way to vinegar when cleaning glass surfaces.

If you prefer to stick with more traditional cleaning products, Steve from @cleaningandme recommends going with a “good quality” option and being patient during the process.

He said: “Use your favourite concentrated cleaner, like method’s multi-surface concentrates, diluted in a spray bottle (10ml of concentrate per 100ml bottle is perfect) to spray the tiles and shower door, then leave for two to three minutes to allow the spray to work its magic.

“Finally, grab a wet cleaning cloth and simply wipe away for that stunning shine.”

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