Soda crystals – three things you didn’t know they could be used for

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These tiny white crystals are more powerful than you may think and can be used just about anywhere around the house. We’ve all heard of the usual ways to use these crystals but what more can they do? has rounded up some alternative uses for soda crystals so you don’t have to.

Sensitive skin

The National Eczema Society has recommended soda crystals as a skin-safe alternative to bathroom and kitchen cleaners.

As posted on their website, it said: “If you are sensitive to regular cleaning products, try using ‘old fashioned’ agents – white vinegar (as an alternative to a proprietary glass cleaner), bicarbonate of soda (as an alternative to bleach) and soda crystals (as an alternative to bathroom/kitchen cleaners) – as they do not contain added chemicals and preservatives.”

Soda crystals are also a great solution to soften hard-water which can also cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Deeper-clean detergent

If you live in a hard water area, as much as two-thirds of the laundry detergent used in your wash cycles is simply softening the water rather than cleaning.

In the UK you’re more likely to have hard water running through your taps if you live in the South and East of England.

The chalk and limestone regions in counties such as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex surrender more minerals than water as it passes through.

Make your hard water washes go further, and save money, by adding two tablespoons of soda crystals to your detergent and go-green by using a more economical dose.

Tea and coffee cup stain remover

We’ve all taken a mug out of the cupboard and noticed those pesky tea and coffee rings around the bottom of the cup.

You can use soda crystals as a quick fix to remove them by adding half a teaspoon of these versatile chunks to each mug and fill with boiling water.

Leave to soak until cool, and then rinse and wash as normal to reveal a stain-free mug.

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Whilst soda crystals are a natural product, it is still technically a chemical and therefore comes with irritation risks.

Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning with strong concentrations of soda crystals as they are more likely to cause discomfort on the skin when used in large quantities.

Never use soda crystals on aluminium. Soda crystals can corrode aluminium so it’s best to avoid using it to clean anything made with this metal.

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