Some DWP benefit payment dates are changing this December

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The Christmas bank holidays usually mean claimants see their benefits paid a little earlier which may sound great however, they are warned that it does mean their money has to last longer until the next payment date in January. The DWP has recently confirmed the payment dates for a range of benefits it pays out. 

If someone’s benefit payment date falls on a bank holiday then they would usually receive the money a day earlier.

Christmas payment dates

This year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both fall on a weekend which means the Christmas Day bank holiday is pushed back slightly.

This year, the UK will have a bank holiday on Monday, December 26, and Tuesday, December 27.

The Tuesday bank holiday is the replacement for Christmas Day.

This means if someone’s benefit payment is due on these dates, then it will be paid earlier on Friday, December 23.

The DWP also confirmed those expecting their benefit payment on Wednesday 28 December, should be seeing it paid the Friday before.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has also confirmed those expecting Tax Credit payments on these dates will also have it paid on the Friday before Christmas.

This includes Britons who have to expect to have their Tax Credits paid on Wednesday, December 28.

However, Tax Credit claimants in England and Scotland with payments due on Thursday, December 29, will have it paid a day earlier. This does not include claimants in Wales.

New Year payment dates

Like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday in 2023 which means the New Year’s Day bank holiday has been pushed back to Monday, January 2.

The DWP has confirmed that those expecting a benefit payment on this day will receive it several days earlier on Friday, December 30.

Claimants in England receiving their benefit on Tuesday, January 3 should receive theirs as normal, however, claimants in Scotland will see theirs paid earlier on December 30.

If someone is due Tax Credits on Wednesday, January 4 in England and Northern Ireland, they should be paid the day before.

With every change in payment date, the DWP and HMRC reiterate that how much someone gets will not change and it will be paid into the same bank or building society account that it normally is paid into.

If someone does not receive their payment on the new date they expect, then they should first double-check their award notice and bank account.

If the payment date is certainly correct, then they should contact the relevant benefit helpline as soon as they can.

This is because the helplines will be closed on the bank holidays and those who miss it may have to wait longer to receive the payment due.

All the relevant phone numbers are available on the Government’s website.

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