‘Takes 2 minutes’ Mrs Hinch fans share 10p tip to clean windows for a ‘streak-free’ finish

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame on Instagram when she started to share cleaning tips and tricks as well as product recommendations. With more than four million followers, fans of the social media sensation often share their own hacks, including how to clean windows.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for help when it came to cleaning her windows.

Jake Eddie wrote: “Does anyone have any tips on cleaning windows? What do you use?” 

The inside and outside of windows can get dirty if not cleaned regularly.

On the inside, steam, grease and other particles can find their way to the windows and build up over time.

This can make the glass difficult to clean.

Group members took to the comments to share their top tips on cleaning windows.

Marilyn Dimmock said: “White vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle, then use a dry cloth to buff it in.”

Rebecca Fisher wrote: “Use white vinegar with water and a newspaper, newspaper creates a streak-free finish.”

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Many Bolton added: “Old ways are the best ways. White vinegar, hot water and a newspaper.”

The acid in white vinegar helps to break down the film that often accumulates on glass surfaces.

When diluted with water, using the spray can help to create a streak-free finish.

Linda Skipton explained: “Using white vinegar in a spray costs literally 10p and takes 2 minutes to do. I use a large green cleaning cloth sometimes and when I have a newspaper, I scrunch that up and use that.”

Newspapers are extremely absorbent which is why it is great for buffing in cleaning products on glass and mirrors.

Other fans recommended adding washing up liquid into the diluted mixture of white vinegar and water to help make it smell nicer.

Some Mrs Hinch fans said a glass cleaner works great, especially the Elbow Grease Glass Cleaner.

Amanda Day wrote: “I love the Elbow Grease Glass Cleaner, literally costs £1 in B&M, smells great too.”

The glass cleaning spray is specially formatted to create a streak-free finish when cleaning windows, mirrors and glass.

One cleaning enthusiast shared her tea bag cleaning tip when it came to cleaning windows.

Sarah Nicholson said: “I place a few tea bags in hot water, wait for the water to cool down and empty the solution into a spray bottle.

“Spray onto a window and use a cloth to buff it in, I can’t believe how well it works.”

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