Urgent warning for Blue Badge holders as mistake could cost you £1,000 or result in prosecution | The Sun

DISABLED drivers risk a £1000 fine and losing their Blue Badge if they are found to have misused it.

The Blue Badge allows drivers with disabilities and other conditions to park nearer to the places they wish to visit.

The badge must be displayed so it can be seen clearly through the windscreen.

Failure to use your badge properly can result in massive fines.

Holders can even face criminal prosecution and a £1,000 fine if they misuse a Blue Badge.

Examples of what may count as misuse can include allowing other people to use your badge when you are not with them and allowing others to take benefit from your badge while you sit in the car.

The Department of Transport guidance says: “It is a criminal offence for you or anyone else to misuse the badge. Doing so could lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge.”

Councils have the right to investigate individuals who they believe are misusing their badge, or allowing others to misuse their badge.

If you are found guilty of misuse, your badge could be withdrawn – the Local Authority has the right to refuse any future badge applications, the Daily Record reports.

How to display your badge correctly

The easiest and quickest issue to fix is making sure you’re displaying the badge properly. At the top of the badge in a yellow banner on either side, it says 'front' and 'back' – the 'back' side shows your picture, expiry date, badge number and full name and should not be visible through the windscreen.

If your vehicle has no dashboard, it should still be displayed somewhere it is clearly read.

If your badge becomes unreadable through wear and tear, return the badge to your Local Authority so that they can issue you with a new one.

Find out whether you qualify and how to apply for one here.

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