Valheim on PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox – where can you actually play it?

VALHEIM is a smash-hit game that's got players hooked – but where can you get it?

We've put together a quick guide on where the game is available right now, and where it might land in the future too.

What is Valheim?

If you haven't heard of Valheim, you will soon.

It's a wildly popular survival sandbox video game set in the world of Vikings.

The game is technically "upcoming", although it's available to buy and play on Steam in Early Access.

You play as a Viking sent to a strange and distant realm called Valheim, where you need to forge a life.

This involves exploring, harvesting and crafting, fighting enemies and more.

The world is procedurally generated, so you'll have a totally different map compared to other players.

It's also an enormous world that will take weeks and even months to explore fully.

The game is currently only available in Windows and Linux, but developer Iron Gate Studio has teased possible launches on Mac and consoles if demand is there.

It was created by a small team of just five people, and is published by Coffee Stain Publishing.

Valheim platforms – where can you play it?

Right now, Valheim is only available on PC.

In fact, the only place you can get it is the Steam online store, where it's still in Early Access.

There was an earlier Alpha version of the game available on

However, this has been removed from the website, and that version is no longer supported.

The bad news is that Iron Gate hasn't confirmed that the game is coming to other platforms.

However, it suggested that it may be ported across if there's "significant demand".

In a statement on its website, Iron Gate confirmed: "Valheim will be released for it.

"There are no plans to release on other platforms as of the time of writing.

"But we won't rule out console versions in the future."

The first takeaway is that there's definitely hope for ports.

It seems like Iron Gate is most open to doing a Mac port first, which is great news for Apple fans.

And Iron Gate has said it's open to console ports too.

Importantly, there's clearly "significant demand" for Valheim: the game has soared past the 5million-player mark with ease.

It looks all but guaranteed that the game will branch out (like Yggdrasil) beyond PC.

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